Sunday, June 21, 2009

Today is Father's Day and of all places I'm celebrating it with my Dad at work. Oh DADDY, I can't seem to pry him away from work. I hope to have half of the work ethic he has or maybe slight bit more. There are so many stories and memories I am so fortuante to have with my Dad. I am truely grateful for him in my life. The one thing that reminds me of him is music, especially Big Band Music. So the gift I gave my Dad today were mix tapes, well C.D.'s full of his favorite music. I know I could buy him something, but he never really appreciates it and the one thing I've learned the gifts he really LOVES are handmade/homemade gifts. I've painted him pictures, but I chose to do something different. I'm happy I went with that because as I sit here typing away,my Dad put one of his CD's on surround sound at work and even though my Dad isn't one to say "I LOVE IT THANK YOU," this is his way of showing his appreciation. I will post pictures of today and the entire weekend actually, I went to Kandee the Makeup artist's GLAMINAR [], IMAT's [International makeup artists Tradeshow], and did an interview with Kandee at IMATS plus my best friend and I made a video, so expect more of those to come!!!

Till Then...

Happy Father's Day to All on Earth & Above!


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