Monday, June 22, 2009


So I finally uploading pictures from my AWESOME WEEKEND. Here I Go.

It all started Friday, when my Mom and I attended KANDEE THE MAKEUP ARTIST's Glaminars. It was super interesting and way informative for makeup artists and some just learning how to make makeup look even better on themselves like me. :) Here are some pictures of what I wore and the even with Kandee. OMG THOUGH. KANDE THE MAKUP ARTIST is the COOLEST person EVERY. SERIOUSLY. When I say cool & nice & funny... I mean business. She's super down to earth and if you have a question, she isn't one of those people that make you feel bad for asking one. I ORDER YOU... CHECK OUT HER BLOG. PRETTY PLEASE. :) [] After the event my mom and I drove around DOWNTOWN LA and I took some cool pictures of the city at night.

Hot pink Blazer & Gray Hanes Shirt from the Goodwill, AG Jeans, Jessica Simpson Heels, Balenciaga Bag and f21 necklace.

After KANDEE's GLAMINAR my Mom, Brother, BEST FRIEND, and I attended IMATS (INTERNATIONAL MAKEUP ARTISTS TRADE SHOW) which was really cool. It was an event that showcased different makeup companies and many makeup artists art, from body paint to fake bodies for tv shows and movies. It was really cool. My Mom and I bought tons of goodies and later I'll post a video that my Best Friend and I made, talking about it. At IMATS there were many makeup bloggers that my Mom and I met with, and the awesome thing is that there really down to earth and not snobby and I LOVE THAT.

After IMATS that I interviewed Kandee for an up and coming magazine I am part of, so check that out, when it comes out.

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