Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So I've been busy and the month of May so far has been a blur. My 18th birthday, My Debutante, and my Senior Prom. Something has been happening every Saturday for the past three weeks, but with that comes endless moments flipping through magazine to find the perfect inspiration. Through my excursions of searching magazine stands, I came across Vogue India. Probably the most interesting magazine I have come across in a while. I really enjoyed how they incorporate their culture, because in the United States culture, to incorporate our culture means to decorate the entire magazine with Red, White, and Blue, which becomes somewhat repetitive. I give much needed props to the magazine because the editorials were so vibrant, it was so alternative.  I couldn't find the editorial from the spring 2008 issue posted to the left, but I did find one from a previous issue, and its quiet fabulous. I tried to post it, but the photo isn't loading. So check out Vogue India, its worth $10, because of the infinite about of inspiration. -L

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