Monday, May 26, 2008


Friday was my last day of school and the end to the most incredible four years of my life. It's literally not over, but figuratively yes, because I have finals this week. I wish I would have cracked down this semester, because Seniors have the privilige of not taking finals, if you maintain a 93% or higher in a class. Of course other things got the best of me, so I have to take my finals. The funny part about studying for finals, is its the only time I cannot focus. Food, reading books, flipping through magazines, cleaning out my car, freezing bananas and anything else that has nothing to do with studying seem to be so important. I figured if I can't focus on studying I would post about my weekend. 
When Sex and the City came out I was too young to understand anything that program was based upon, but Sex and the City comes out friday and I can't wait. I can't wait because my mom can't wait, because it was and still is her favorite program. To get back in the loop my Mom made it a mission to watch all six seasons of the raved about show. I miss the show, because as the seasons went on and I got older, most of my fashion inspiration came from Carrie. She's spunky, chic, daring, and girlie. Watching the episodes with my Mom, brought back so many fond memories when we used to go to the swap meets and vintage stores to copy the latest Carrie look. We used to get Carried away.  So with the Sex and the City marathon going on I was somewhat inspired to go out so I went to my first 18+ club which was an experience in itself. The club had three rooms all playing different music. One was 80's dance music, the other had techno/rave music blasting which I felt unbearable to be in and the last room played hip hop music. Besides having good music I figured there would be many wearing some buzz worthing clothing, especially me because I was so inspired to go all out like Carrie, but was disapointed to see many didn't care to dress up at all. Jeans and T-shirts seemed to be the opt to outfit of choice.  When you go out, live a little dress up to the nines, who wants to be a wall flower anyway?

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