Monday, November 29, 2010

This year I've been all about living in the moment, doing what my heart feels is right, trying my best with everything I do , being happy, apologizing, working on become a better me...etc.  So the other day I was at the book store and I picked up a book called Now Is the Time and it teaches you a 170 ways to seize the moment. I'm a firm believe to never wait when you want to change yourself and become a better you, because as we all know, when new years arrives, it's all about setting new goals and working hard, but lets me honest does that even work? I mean I'm pretty committed and determined when I set my mind to things, but new years resolutions haven't helped me; if your reading this and one of those that has been successful... SO JEALOUS!! I've honestly forgot two days into the new year and then pretty much set up the rest of the year having accomplished nothing. 
Since this year has been all about seizing the moment for me I want  to post the 170 ways to seize the moment from this book, so whoever reads this can try and seize the moment too. Life is too short to be sad, worried, scared, or whatever emotion your feeling... trust me it is... and to be honest every person feels those  same emotions. Were not perfect, we have flaws, and were all trying our best to deal with this strange, yet wonderful world we live in. 

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