Sunday, November 14, 2010

So excited about my recent buys today!
 When I buy anything that pertains to working out it motivates me. My newest motivation are a  pair of nike training shoes. I've been working out more consistently and taking more classes, so I decided to invest in another pair of nikes for my kick-boxing class and other wood-floor classes I take, so I now can keep my running shoes separate. To add an L touch I bought bright orange laces, so I'm even more in love with my shoes. And I bought a new pair of sunnies. I'm a lover of ray-bans and have had a couple pairs, but my wayfarers broke, so I'm waiting till I find the perfect pair to replace them, so till then I resorted to the club masters. I love them and they were reasonably priced. 
I bought both buys at outlet shops, so I didn't pay nears as much as I would at other stores, so that makes me even more excited about them, I don't have that guilty feeling for spending my hard earned money. 

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