Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today I had my Business Management and Organizational Behavior class, it is a very interesting and informative class, and my professor is great, but my mind began to wonder which led to me to jump on the computer and check my emails. My emails usually consist of anything budget conscious; anything to do with discounts, sales, and bargain buys. I hate to pay full price for anything, because I know what I love isn't being sold for full price somewhere and there is always a sale going on! If you think I'm lying I challenge you to ask my closest friends and family. My point is that I was checking out a site and a classmate was shocked and excited to see what I waslooking at, so I shared what the site was and that got me thinking... there are so many websites I like looking at either for inspiration or if I'm in the mood to spoil myself I'll buy something (within my small budget of course), but to be honest these websites are more for inspiration then anything else, that many people don't know about. So I decided to share some insight of mine. I hope you enjoy!

1. Gilt : The name is priceless. They sell designers items for an affordable price, depending on your budget of course, but I think it is really great to see Marc Jacobs or Dolce Vita items being sold for less than usual. The inventory changes everyday at 9am (westcoast time), so if you don't find anything check in the following day. I love this site too, because it has items for all ages, they have the most luxurious travel destinations for less, and there are tickets you can purchase for different events for certain cities.

2. WHOWHATWEAR : This website is kinda of like a store, but more for daily inspiration. The title is a given though, Who is wearing what and where can you buy it. I like that Different stylist or Fashion Editors share their favorite items of the moment and the the prices are listed and where you can purchase the items is usually linked. Most of there posts are about outfits stars are wearing, but the best part is that, is when you really like a purse Rachel Bilson is using and if you have to have those boots Rihanna is has on, don't worry, WHOWHATWEAR has got your back!

3. Swirl : This site is the sister to DailyCandy. They sell brands like American Apparel and Earnset Sewn, pretty much brands that are more reasonably priced than gilt, but similar to gilt their inventory changes every couple days.

There are a variety of discount sites out there, but these are my daily sites. I encourage you all to start thinking about what you spend, because you DO NOT need to be spending hundreds of dollars on a few things, when you can spend hundreds of dollars on A LOT of things (if you have hundreds of dollars to spend of course), but seriously GOOGLE discount sites, buy second hand, be creative with what you already have, you don't need tons of money to be fashionable (TRUST ME ON THAT, I'm Proof! ;]), But seriously... Don't be foolish there are sales everywhere!

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