Saturday, December 6, 2008

Jane Austen

[Nort-hanger Abbey]

When Jane Austen movie's began to hit the box offices I have held a fear of watching theme because of the cult classics they are. I knew that if I watched one movie I would have to watch all the movies, the same for the books. I've tried so hard not step into Jane Austen terrioritory, but I have to admit I failed. When I started college in September, especially my honors-english class, my professor informed us that we would be focussing on EROTIC-LOVE. That caused me great fear, because I'm a girl who hasn't been in-love, I mean yes love from a far with my favorite male actors, but not love that has lead to having a boyfriend. As the course went on all the love stories I read were definitely put into the LOVE I NEVER WANT TO EXPERIENCE category because these many stories ended with a lover being so jealous of the awe their partner brought by other men or women, that they killed their loves. 

Well anyways... the last assignment for this class is to write a 5-10 page paper on a piece of literature of my chose with just a few restrictions. 1.) has to be about love 2.) it can't be recent 3.) it can't be by an American Author

With that in mind I chose Jane Austen.  I did wimp out a bit because I choose the shortest of all her works, Northanger Abbey [Nort-Hanger Abbery], but I do have to proclaim to the world, that I don't think this will be my last Jane Austen book. I really enjoyed reading a story that could be put in today's day in age and relate to all women. It is truely timeless.

I just really wanted to say is that Im very impressed with Jane Austen. Yes, her stories have been around for centuries, but I'm glad I gave in because I do believe the phenomenon that Jane Austen books are classics and way better the trashy-love novels I'm secretly addicted too. I gained way more than other love-novels I have read and love. 

Well I'm off to start this term paper... EEEEK. 


- L

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