Friday, December 12, 2008

Hell week

Hell Week is Over and I couldn't be any happier. My hell week was my last week of college before christmas break and the best way to begin finals is with a nervous breakdown. Yeah.... no. Never start with one, but in the end, the lack of sleep and extra studying truly paid off. I gave my 4 finals my all and its the best feeling to know you tried and did your best. 

Well I only managed to take one photo of my outfits. It was on Monday for my French Final. I tried to channel parisian chic. ;)  I did wear my Minnetoka Moccasins all week and am really happy I was able to soften the leather

I'm posting some pictures of me cleaning out my dorm room, but I didn't end up finishing because as I was loading up my car and as I tried to catch the door (because I left my room key in my room) I tripped on the stairs and sprained my ankle. I ended up just going home and planned on coming back the next day with my mom and friend for extra help. So, that night my roommate told me that because I turned my dorming form late, I wont be able to dorm in my room. I was thought, WTF... uh-oh. Then once the RA checked my room for so I could properly leave.. we asked her..."When do I find out what room I get?... she was like "What do you mean you get the same one?... whaaat? I was told I couldn't have this room anymore. Then the RA said.. "oh yeah you can... you just wont have it for sophmore year." 

OMG.... My best friend Justine & I unloaded every single item in my room out and shoved it in my mom's car. So when I go back from break.. I have to freakin' move all my stuff back in. 


Here are some pictures of my dorm. I'm off to the beach for a photoshoot. 


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