Tuesday, August 30, 2011

From Day Trotter to Night Creeper

I adore this video-- not only because its BEST COAST'S new single, or for the whimsical, yet urban take on the classic Romeo & Juliet, but the fashion rocks. It makes sense why I love it, because Drew Barrymore not only directed the video, but concurrently dreamed up what the fashion should be.

So, keep that in mind, because now I'm onto another tangent.

A lot has been brought to my attention, because school is starting in less than a week and for the fact that its my last year of college.

Since I was a kid, back to school has always equated to shopping (in my brain thanks Mom & Dad ;]) and each year I've finished, less and less back to school shopping has occurred-- most likely for the fact the economy sucks and high tuition cost doesn't always allow room for new shoes and clothes-- but having a job has nipped that complaint for me, so no disrespect to my Parents, but affording high tuition cost should be (and is) more than enough (for me).

-day trotter-
Hat- Brixton, Denim Vest- DIY H&M Jacket, Shirt: Dirtee Hollywood, Shorts: Citizen of Humanity, Shoes: Nike, & Watch: Michele

- night creeper -
Leather Jacket: Lira, Shirt: Dirtee Hollywood, Leather skirt: Zara, Shoes: Buffalo (bought in Europe), Jewelry: Dannijo, Urban Outfitters, Target, & F21.

Side note:  I greatly encourage self-sufficency, because its a pretty great feeling when you can support your horrible shopping habit.

That is where my post leads me. When you don't have a large budget to shop you have to get creative. You can't let fashion slip away, because you can't afford the latest trends, which I'm happy to point out tends to repeat itself-- meaning you can get away with vintage or second hand.

Now to the point of my post. If you drag in my love for the new Best Coast video and my point about getting creative you will notice that is why there are two pictures with me wearing the same t-shirt-- obviously inspired by the video, because its the same shirt in the video (Thanks Dirtee Hollywood)-- and cost effective, because I'm utilizing the same shirt for two outfits.  The looks I created transition from  day trotter to night creeper (smooth huh?! I'm connecting the video again), so get inspired and creative! The first look not only works for school, but a relaxed day and the night outfit is perfect for a party or better yet, a girls night out! 

 I hope I've inspired you and I hope you like! 

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