Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Graffitti is UBIQUITOUS in LA

Saturday my Mom, Boyfriend, and I went to MOCA in Downtown LA to see an exhibit featuring some of the greatest graffiti artist work as well as the history about grafitti! It was pretty DOPE!!!! My boyfriend and I are planning on making another trip to see the art again. It was pretty incredible!!! Go if you can. You wont be disapointed! 

Trench: F21, Shirt: Madewell, Jeans: BDG urban, flats: Izzac Mizrahi (best buy EVER) & Bag: unknown

The love

So, if your a Los Angeles native like me, you can definitely agree on the evolution of Graffiti that has occurred. When I was kid it was seen as bad, but I couldn't help think it was kinda of cool, because of the insane places taggers would tag and the bright colors they'd use-- but what amazed me most was that I had never spotted one in action; for some reason I saw them as some kind of mystical. The cool part about graffiti today is how its considered an art. 

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