Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekend Update


Picture taken by my Mom.

Coat: F21, Shirt: Zara, Jeans: Ben Sherman, Boots: Steve Madden, Bag: UO, & Sunnies: Ray-Ban



 Dress: My Moms, Trench: F21, Brogues: Steve Madden, & Sunnies: Ray-Ban




Not too sure where I found this photo, came across it last week. If its from your blog or yours, please let me know!! 


It's been a VERY busy weekend...

 1. Went Downtown with my Mom to buy some art supplies & then we ate the most amazing bratwurst & truffled fries EVER.
2. Found a hidden Tea House in San Juan Capistrano and ate breakfast with my parents & brother.
3. My Dad & I in TJ for my Aunts 85th Birthday Mass & Dinner. 
4. Made the most amazing burnt butter & walnut brownies from one of my Moms cooking magazines. The funny part is that an hour later there was only 3 pieces left. My family & I devoured them.
5. Bought some new school supplies. (I start my Spring Semester Thursday.)
6. I came across this really great Agenda Idea, with a moleskin note book and had to do it, so I created my own for the new school year. 
7. Lastly, I finished my final art project for my painting class. I was pretty happy with how it came out. I really wanted it to look more realistic, since it was a still life, but I think it turned out pretty unique. You can't tell, but the colors are so vibrant and it really makes the painting pop.

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