Saturday, January 15, 2011

UntitledSo, stoked for what my Sunday will bring; a day of snowboarding. Along with fashion and everything that encompasses being female and feminine, I have an athletic tom-boy side to me that loves to do anything athletic and that includes boarding. I hate to admit that I haven't gone snowboarding in a while, so I'm hoping I can jump back into it, which I'm sure, its all muscle memory & balance, so maybe my yoga & pilates will kick in too! I'm not joking about boarding either... I promise. It's something i've been doing since I was 10 & a sport I'm pretty confident (knock on wood). I'm posting my outfit of the day, since it will pretty much be my outfit of the day. I hope you all have a wonderful sunday & I hope it's as enjoyable as mine will be, since I'll be up in the mountains with boyf and some friends all day. Can't wait!

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