Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Forgot to take photos of my outfit today, but this is pretty much my outfit today. Some of the pieces are a little different from my own, but its a pretty good replica; I am wearing the Sperry Moccasins though, love them; I bought them in New York this summer. I went kinda of casual for work, because I start my painting class today, so I didn't really want to dress up too much, because I'll being in the art building and for the fact that it is always so cold, so I chose layers. I hope I like my class, I always have a hard time with art classes. I love being creative, but I dislike learning with restrictions, because I feel likes it inhibits my creativity. I have to snap out of thinking though... I'm sure the class will be great, so here's to believing it will be!!

P.S. Here is a pic to show I  wasn't lying about my outfit!!!
** very similar to above... you can't see my cardigan though. :( 

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