Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jean Jacket: A&F, T-shirt: Zara, Khaki's: Jcrew, Cage Shoes: Tyler, & Watch: Michael Kors

Since my Nikon was giving me trouble (the battery was water damage, my lens randomly broke, & whenever I had someone take a photo of my outfit, I was never happy with), so I finally took the time to fix these problems; new battery, in the works of finding a new lens & now I can take my photos myself with an infrared remote!!  Anyways, these photos are proof, so yay for better quality photos. Since you can see more details I thought I'd talk about  my charm necklace  & my friendship bracelets.

The necklace I'm wearing is one I put together with charms from different necklaces. The oldest one is the Notre Dame charm I got as a kid, when my family visited the Church  in Paris. If you look, yes there is a diamond Chevrolet logo as well. I got that charm from my Dad, well I asked him for it and he gave it to me, but he actually received it as a gift for being Dealer of the year and it was originally a tie pin. My Mom had no idea why I wanted it, but I really like it, so she had it made into a charm for me, so I could wear it more often. The other sparkly is a diamond 10, which I begged my Dad for  when I turned 10. As  I look back there was no real reason for a diamond 10, but I justified it by telling my Dad that I'll pass it down to my daughter and it made some sense, because he did get it for me.  There is a heart swirled crucifix that my Mom had made for me. It was  replica of a cross my Grandmother wore, so that is very special &  lastly there is an Elsa Peretti Gold Tiffany Heart that came with a Tiffany necklace my sister bought for me, but I liked that this necklace signifies my family, so I decided to put it with this necklace. 

I love charms and jewelry that has meaning and its nice looking down and seeing special trinkets that are little good luck charms in my eyes.

And lastly, the friendship bracelets on my wrist are very special to me, because they symbolize my relationship with my boyfriend. We really like them, because were not into buying each other jewelry or anything too expensive, so they were the perfect alternative & they suited us. We liked the idea of being best friends too & we find that very important. One of the bracelets we got in Tennessee and the other is a Tom's bracelet I got for free at Nordstrom.  

Thats my post for the day.  
Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned!

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