Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I don't post too often on my tumblr account, but when I do, I post my photo shoots; I like the layout for photos, but when I posted my latest shoot I looked at previous posts and discovered this post below...

January 17, 2009

'The Curious Case of Optimistic Love'

“wonders… when she’ll experience something close to a prince charming. She’s not asking for the carriage and castle… just the feeling of never wanting to be separated. The respect and love for the person. A good friend first…. just the experience really.” 

I thought to myself, wow, I wonder where I found that one... funny thing I realized I wrote that myself. I was kinda of shocked I wrote something like that, because a year later I'm lucky to have found that love and I'm very surprised I believed in so much, because right now, I'm quite the lucky girl

All I can hope for now is to really appreciate what I have & enjoy the ride.

So.... Cheers to blogging and to believing. 

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