Thursday, November 18, 2010

What the shoulder pads looked like at work... 

Jacket: Aqua, T-shirt: Vintage, Jeans: AG, & Flats: Calvin Klein

It's kind of a funny story how much I disliked shoulder pads. For years I made fun of my mom for her love, boarder line obsession for shoulder pads in the 80's. I didn't mind them as a kid because when we were out and about, they were great little pillows to sleep on, but check me out 20 years later rocking them myself. My mom always told me "just you wait... they will be popular again..." she was right! I wore the blazer to school and I'm pretty sure I got some double takes, but it was kind of fun to stand out. There was one thing that kept annoying me about my blazer... my tote didn't slide easily over my shoulder, it took a bit more effort... I had to hold the shoulder pad down and place the bag. haha. 

Anyways... I'm blabbering now. I better go before I start writing a novel on shoulder pads and this new ($16) blazer I wore to school, but stay tuned the L shoppe is underway! 

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