Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sam Edelman

Retail: $153.49
My Score: 59.00

Equipment Femme 
Retail: $208.00
My Score: $24

Nail Polish: $3.50

Total Price: $365
My Score:  $87.00

One thing about myself is that I'm a bargain queen. It really makes me uncomfortable to pay full price for items, when there going to be on sale in a month. My strategy is hit the sale racks first and never shop with something in mind, you need to be open, because from experience when I'm looking for something in particular I never find it and the best buys are always spur of the moment. Another tip is be patient and look.

On a side note:

 We all know times are tough these days and money is nonexistent without a job, especially as a college student, unless you have great parents filling your bank account, then your really lucky, but that isn't my situation. I'm very thankful to have a part time job as I go to school and thankful to be living at home  with my family, so I can use my own money and spoil myself.  My job has taught me how to be committed, self-sufficient, and hardworking and my Dad alway made sure I knew that, because it is probably the most important things a woman can know.  My father has always said never "depend on anyone, but yourself, because you never want to owe anyone anything; it is the worst feeling."

I hope you've enjoyed my little tid-bits of information and that you do not need to pay full price, unless you have the means, if you do please enjoy that, but if you don't like me there is nothing better than a bargain and trust me you will look just as adorable buying from the sale rack and thrift stores... trust me (just look above)! 

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