Sunday, October 10, 2010

So today I woke up to a beautiful sunday, with the sun streaming into my room and decided to archive. I have a sick obsession with magazines. I've always had this thing for magazines and it is scary to think that my collection dates back to 2003 and from countries as far as India. You figure 12 magazines a year from about 7 publications? 84 x 6 years? yes.. about 500 magazines. Talk about nonsense, but I don't know, it is a passion of mine, a world that I'm working towards being a part of. I'm just enthralled but them. But I've discovered that best way to organize my magazines without keeping the bulk. I have a few binder style folders that have about 300 sheets to slide pages in. I love it because I just rip out my favorite covers and editorials and viola it simple and easy to look at. I need to buy more. I'm trying to archive once a week, because there is no way I'm making a room for magazines?
haha. That is just insane.

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