Saturday, October 23, 2010

So, I'm on a mission today. I've always been into being eco-friendly and organic,  but mainly being healthy. I came across this video today and became concerned. My mom has always been into making her own soaps, juices, and just overall the  one that shared this insight with me many don't know about for years now; How many chemicals enter our body with shampoo, soap, makeup, and perfume. I'm a fan of all, but it is a scary thing to find out. My  main thing today is to find organic shampoo & condition for curly and dry hair, an organic body wash and oil (which probably not) or lotion to moisturize with. I hope I do, because I will be hitting Whole Foods and they are the best at fresh and healthy products. 

Don't get freaked out, just be aware and   accept with is happening. I'm not sharing this video to scare, because I'm sure were all aware of this, but is was just interesting. 

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