Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One of my favorite websites is called KORA Organics. It is Miranda Kerr's, the beautiful Australian Victoria Secret Super Model, website that sells her new skin care line. Kinda random that I like a skin-care website, but I just can't get enough of the websites blog, that has a variety of contributers from a variety of professions.

It shares the importance of living a healthy lifestyle free of impurities; whether it be food, love, or you and how you live your life. It shares that impurities can be in every aspect of you life and with that I really resinate with the blog.
I love the spiritual and optomistic thinking it shares. I really love how pure and real the posts are, which is why I feel so inclined to share this post I just read,Be Right or Be Kind? If you have time I think you should read it and if you have more time check out the blog too.
I feel this article can relate to everyone, especially when your fighting or arguing, because we all know that happens. The problem I know I have and many others as well is that we have a hard time stepping away from our ego and being right, rather then being understanding of another person and their concerns, the fight blows up and yelling occurs; just unecessary drama. What I gained from the article is that it is wrong to put others down during a fight, but the best way to prevent those outburst is to be kind and understanding, strive for peace and grow from the situation. In the article it shared that when an argument escalates recite the words I posted as the title.

I love that this blog is powerful with its word and very easy to understand, but more for the fact that it inspires me to be a better person and have serenity in my life.

I've kept this blog to myself and love it's tidbits of life tips, but what inspired me to share this was the Ghandi quote I put up a few posts back to "be the change you want to see" and since I am, why not share it with others so discover a change they want to see.


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