Monday, October 18, 2010

Love this shoot and it kinda reflects what I'm feeling right now. A bit retrospective, sensitive and reserved. It's another black and white shoot my favorite. 

On a side note:

I know everyone can relate to me when I say life has its highs and lows, especially when your female and I'm going to lay out... HORMONES SUCK ASS. I feel life sometimes has more lows than highs, but when there are great moments those highs seem to last a while. I love those moments and I am so thankful when they happen, but I'm going to be honest I definitely do experience those lows, common I'm human and I know we all have those moments, but I thank the people around me that help me get through them. I'm thankful I have a support system that I can go to and share my honest feelings; if it weren't for them I'd be lost. My Mom is my go to gal, then my Pops and brother, but other times my Best Friends and Boyfriend are the perfect resort. I'm thankful for them and I just wanted to share that. I really believe everyone needs a support system and I hope you have one too and if not get one and if you don't want to get one then talk to me; I 'd love to listen.

With Love,


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