Friday, May 15, 2009

Lucky FINDS.

Wasn't able to take pretty pictures, so I relied on the Iphone. 

Today's OUTFIT, mixed with purchases brought throughout the day. I normally don't wear purchases same day, but I couldn't resist. My stealth heels were being little buggers and then the new f21 layered chain necklace was to pretty to not to wear and then while checking out a fun second hand boutique called wasteland... I purchased an insanely awesome BALENCIAGA for $110.00. ?!?!. A an easily 1500-2000 dollar bag. Today was a good day... off to bed to have energy for another photo-shoot. 


Outfit by the time I got home. 
** new steve madden Sandles.. my poor SAM EDLEMAN's have walked the world and back, so they needed to retire. 


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