Thursday, April 2, 2009

\\\\\\\\ Wednesday \\\\\\\

American Apparel always has something for every customer that walks in and the best part is that each piece can be customized to fit each person. My roommate bought the sac dress a couple weeks ago and rather than hitting up facebook like we usually do, we thought we'd put our mind to the test and figure out some of the styles for the sac dress. From the many we tried I posted two the we liked best. 


From the example, this was the winner. 

This one was fun, but not the look we truly liked. 

\\\\\\\\\ THURSDAY \\\\\\\

After our morning classes were finished my friends and I went to my Mom and I's FAVORITE thrift store. 

My friends had never been on a journey like the ones my mom and I enjoy, so I had to capture the moment.
I came out with a sac full of stuff, while my friends were cost-effective and only purchased NECESSITIES. I don't want to share what  I purchased yet, because it's all for a photo shoot Sunday, but I couldn't help it, so I'm sharing these sunnies I purchased below. 
Each were $1.99.


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