Sunday, March 29, 2009


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[DIY event with BLEACH Black]

BLEACH Black is a blog by two girls Kristin & Valerie. Their blog is a culmination of their likes and interest with really neat DIY projects, plus they are super sweet and way chic. Last Sunday they shared DIY secrets on how to get really fun and unique looks especially the 'TO DIE FOR' Alexander Wang, Balmain, and Erin Wasson looks. It was fun because to be inspired by them wont put a dent into your wallet. 
Here are some pics from the event.

The girls sharing how you can liven up a simple pair of ankle booties.

A really dope black beanie with one side studded out. 

A cool Wal-mart purse customized and inspired to look like an Alexander Wang original. 

A sick pillow-case T inspired by Balmain. 

Cute necklace made out of rope from a REI (sporting goods store) simply knotted into little balls. 

**** Check out their BLOG for more inspiration.

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