Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day graced us with its presents.

As I watch the inauguration I hope everything Obama has promised and the CHANGE he wants to make will happen. I hope he proves he is the hope he claims to be. This day will live in infamy not in a bad way, but proof that every human being should be treated equally, that any hopes and dreams are possible, because if an African American can become the President of the United States; after the hate and segregation many blacks have gone through, then I believe there really is hope for a better future. I'm a conservative at heart and Barack wasn't my first choice, but I am open to supporting the CHANGE he hopes to pursue. He is our president and I will stand with every American with hopes for a better America. Only time will tell and I wish Barack all the best.

Poor guy messed up while swarning, but nerves do get the best of us at times. 



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