Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bi Pi

Outfit of choice. 
Marley wanted to take a picture with. 

My Bi Pi Sisters

J-nasty and Pat

Although the highlight of my night was becoming an official Bi Pi member (a.k.a Awallaberry Pie) and when I busted out some Beyoncé, I have to dedicate this post to two boys in particular. I would like to introduce bloggers to Justin ( J-nasty) & Pat. These guys were escorts and too funny for words. They are definitely something. J-nasty has a pony tail named ratatouille and Pat is a movie critic who LOVES the History channel. I'm saddened you can't see that Pat was wearing Peta-file glasses and how his hair was slicked back into a pony-tail or that this photograph isn't a hologram and you can see how fun they are.  I do have to say their outfits were something; I enjoyed their an alt-take on what escorts wear for a Sorority initiation. I do have to say from this photo they can add modeling to their resumé. 



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