Friday, November 21, 2008

Up & Coming

 I would like to introduce a  bloke I have known since grade school. Cameron is his name and he is an artsy guy with a XXX (straight edge) edge. In high school he was never like the other kids in town, because he didn't care to be mainstream, but people gravitated toward his uniqueness, or maybe the fact they wanted a great self portrait. :)
 Cameron has been exercising his photography talent everyday for couple years now and it shows. He has the ability to capture the beauty in  any scene he sees, that many wont even admit they passed at a glance. He has thousands of photos of skate buddies, XXX concerts, his lovely girlfriend, off the beaten path adventures, and just everything life brings to his eyes. His photos have an old world realism or an alfred hitch cock esq, which is probably due to the fact that he enjoys manual 35mm cameras over mainstream digital. 


Color of Choice: Maroon
Occupation: Full time student
Hometown: Whittier
Goal: "To influence others through [his] photography."
Music Artist: Pink Floyd
Album of the Day: Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd


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