Friday, November 28, 2008

The Future

A few days ago my Mom and I made our weekly trip to J-town in Downtown Los Angeles. We go to J-town (Japanese Town) to pick up the latest Japanese Fashion magazines and to eat at our favorite noodle place Orochon Noodles. The bowls are only for hardcore eaters and customers can customize them to their liking. You can choose the broth and how spicy you want it. It quiet genius and the bowls are huge. My Mom and I are proud to say we have mastered the art to eating them without getting too full, which makes us to say the least hardcore too. 
We had a great day that day and I found numerous finds  when we went thrift store shopping. On our way back home I was excited to see how Downtown Los Angeles is redeveloping into something urban and chic. The underground side to D. LA. has always been alternative and cool, but you'd have to be cultured on knowing the right places to go. Now the cool places are evident to point out. I saw some alt. kids walking the streets. I couldn't help it and I took a picture as proof. I'm definitely excited to see where D. LA is headed, because its not scary as many make it out to be. Yeah there are homeless, but thats life and there going to be everyone you go.
 The only thing to "fear is fear itself."

Have a Great BLACK Friday!!! 


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