Wednesday, October 1, 2008


That is the floor of my dorm. Cute carpet huh?
So spent quiet an amount of money today. 
Those crocodile booties are from Forever 21.
Those were a push for me and one of my friends Katie convinced me that for $25 their pretty hott & if I change my mind she'll buy them off me. The thing is, I have never bought shoes from there and I really questioned myself. So we'll see. The denim high waisted acid washed skirt is from H&M. I just had to have and at $50 bucks I will definitely put it to good use. The white blouse is also from H&M and I purchased it for only $10 bucks. They definitely have some great sale racks. I will be watching my budget till Christmas. Oh well in the financial crisis were in, I want I still want to look chich. 
That's bad but I'm just trying to convince myself its okay.


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