Saturday, August 16, 2008

Busy Bee.

I've been so absentminded with my blog.
Reason being is that I'm preparing for my venture to College and celebrating
 the last bits of Summer.
I can't believe College is almost here.
Almost because I move in to my dorm in exactly one week. 
Next Saturday!
I did a lot of shopping today and will continue tomorrow.
I have a few finishing touches lined up this week too. 
I'm picking up my retainer, getting a hair cut, and my last day of work is Wednesday.
Another this is that my Best Friend left for Colorado early this morning.
I'm going to miss her ton's and have pictures to upload from our last week together.
Will post those soon sorry about the hiatus.

Yay, for Michael Phelps.  
8 gold medals from just one olympic game and 16 total.

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