Friday, July 25, 2008


Aubrey O'Day the singer from the group Danity Kane has created her own clothing line. It isn't a LAMB collection or such a collaboration as Pharell and Louis Vuitton, but a simple collection of worded T's and accessories for all walks of life; Men, Women, Kids, and Dogs. I checked it out myself and I like it. The collection is called Heart On My Sleeve and after clicking the link to check the sight I instantly knew I'd like the collection. The instant was seeing a picture of her and a little hottie photograph a favorite scene of my favorite movie, Sixteen Candles. Yes the 80's hit. Ever since I first saw that movie I cant help but love it and be in-love with Jake's boyish charm. On that note of Jake's boyish charm, the biggest inspiration seems to be love and everything that correlates with it.
 Check it out for yourself.
These are some of MY picks in the collection.
*The necklace in the last picture "KatieGirl" has the cutest meaning, definitely check it out when you see the website.

P.S. I love that fact that AMNTM were chosen to model her collection. You GO Jaslene & Caridee.

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