Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vans Warped Tour

Yesterday I attended the Vans Warped Tour and all I can say was it was Hot. 
Unbelievable hot that I woke up this morning so sore. I'm so thankful I didn't pass out because it was kind of freaky standing next to someone and seeing them flop on the ground from dehydration. Good thing there were paramedics and security guards at all times. 
I'm super excited because I saw a couple of my favorite bands play, met some guys promoting their undiscovered bands, and the highlight of the day was watching Katy Perry sing and meeting her at her tent. The most important attribute to a singer or an actor/actress  is if they are personable. I love Katy Perry even more because she was very personable and had a killer personality. The other guys I met promoting their band were great too, very personable and focused on making it big time. I wish them the best. 
I also took pictures of peeps who popped out from usual scene look.    

Katy Perry
Jumper: Vintage children's overalls from texas
Belt: vintage
Shoes: black flats

Lead Singer of Panima
Check out their myspace 
New EP Take Cover!

Designer of New York Couture
In own creations
Check her out.
Her creations are so fun and unique.

Lead singer of Bidwell
Check out their myspace
New EP.
*He said "If you like Jimmy Eat World and Paramore, you'll like Bidwell."
Coming from a fan of both bands Bidwell is definitely buzz-worthy.



Band Shirt: Devil Wears Prada

* I couldn't make a link to visit their website, but check them out. 



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