Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Day off.

Today I had to take a placement test for my COLLEGE. Oh how scary and exciting it is that I'm going off to college. To get me ready for the placement test, my Mom took me to a wonderful restaurant for breakfast called Le Pain. I had two soft boiled eggs, with bread, ham, a mustard/humus trio spread, Orange juice, and mint tea. This breakfast had all the essential vitamins and nutrients to help me place well on my test and fortunately it worked. Well I think it worked, but I guess I'll really know once I receive my assigned classes. After the test we went to lunch at Chin Chin and had a fabulous assortment of food, that seemed to burst with flavors every time they entered my mouth. We walked to a little stationary store near by. It was very welcoming to me because we were able to get what we needed in a short while, then we would have walking into a larger supply store. No assistance needed. :D Once we walked out of the store I looked across the street and saw a news stand and begged my Mom so we could check it out. Mission accomplished once I realized we were walking over. I purchased Jalouse, Interview, and a Writers magazine (Working on my writing.) Today was not only beautiful, but the best part was spending it with my Mom.

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