Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Since I was little my Dad has always instilled in me; you need to be a self-sufficient and hard working woman when you get older. Sadly, my hopes of interning this summer were shot down because my parents wanted me to learn how to work the family business. It's pretty exciting because my summer job is working at my fathers car dealership. As I work here I will be learning bits of everything the car indsutry is about. When I was 10 I learned how to be the receptionist and being of an older age my older brother felt since I should broaden my horizons. So far I've learned how to send contracts, make a contract, input a sold car, give gas tickets, RS's and such. It just hit me that this summer job is like the work I hope to learn in the fashion industry but now that I'm thinking about it, I'm learning about the car industry. How funny, it just clicked that I'm quiet lucky to be learning this knowledge. Yay me! I have always hoped to work in the fashion industry, but maybe I have a calling in the car industry?! I guess time will tell....


I will post later... just snuck in a blog break. :D

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